New Beginnings Feel Good.

I don’t know why I always feel weird writing the first post of a new blog, but I always have to make an introduction and do some light housekeeping before I hit the ground running.

Welcome to my new blog, named Love Grows Here.

I know a detailed explanation of how I got here is unnecessary, but it might help if you are one of those who may have seen me before. I used to keep a blog at Stone Cold Vox where I wrote about life, my family, and my hobbies. (If you follow me on social media under @stonecoldvox you can still keep following if you want to, I’ll continue to post occasional life updates and talk about my hobbies there.) Stone Cold Vox will become a static website focused on my freelance pursuits as a musician. I decided to create a new personal blog in a new space with a new name because it just felt right. I want to shake off the remnants of my blog writing from a decade ago. The person I was back then was a new mom trying to monetize a blog. That’s not me anymore, and nor do I have a paid team to help me do that. I’m okay with it!

The person I am now is still essentially the same cool and funny (maybe also sorta, really weird) person, but I want to use this space to relax and write whatever I feel led to write. I want my posts to read like we’re sitting across from each other having a conversation over coffee or a really yummy meal. I want you to feel safe here. If anything I write interests you, sweet. Leave me a comment letting me know you liked a post. If nothing I write about here interests you, I hope you move on and find something else you like.

Whatever you did to land on my blog, just hang out until you have to go.

A few things that I’ll probably like to write about might include: snippets of family life (I can’t help it, I have amazing family members who do amazing things) and my music gigs, plus a lot of my hobbies like books I’ve read, tv I’ve watched, houseplants and gardening, music I listen to, my skincare routine, smashing the patriarchy, combatting racism… you know, all good stuff.

Okay, so see you in the next post. I can’t tell you when that’ll be, because it’s difficult to make time to sit and write sometimes. If you follow me on Instagram already I’ll let you know when a new post is up.

Be good to yourself!

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