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Last Week’s Dinners

Well, some of them. If I remember correctly we also had at least one DoorDash delivery and a Domino’s pickup. But… This still doesn’t add up to 7 dinners and I’m really drawing a blank on what else we did for dinners last week!

Oh well, I’m just thankful we had something to eat.

Last Week’s Dinners is a little series where I tell you about what meals I fed my family over the last week. I’ve been cooking for my family for over 10 years and there are some old reliables as well as new recipes I’m motivated to try. Really though, this is just me trying to remember what we even ate and which recipes I used.

If you find any recipe I link to amazing, please head to that blogger’s website or instagram and let them know! You don’t have to tell them I sent you because they have no idea who I am anyways.

  • Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms – this was a side dish to beef Tri Tip that Adam cooked in a Sous Vide and finished with a sear in the cast iron pan, and boxed Mac & Cheese (I do a lot of High/Low meals, no shame)
  • One night I spontaneously made “artisanal” (read: not an actual geometric shape because my stretching skills aren’t good yet and I got impatient with myself) thin-ish crust pizza with store-bought dough and toppings. I gave it classic Domino’s Pizza character by brushing melted butter and garlic powder on the crust for the last 5 minutes in the oven. If you’ve never worked in a pizza restaurant or made your own pizza before, this is a good tutorial. For me, it takes practice and I’m still practicing.
  • Spaghetti and meatballs- It’s all store-bought, but uses my mainstay of ingredients: Barilla’s protein+ Angel Hair (cooks in 6 minutes!), Cooked Perfect Italian-style meatballs (find it in the frozen aisle), and whatever jar of Tomato Basil pasta sauce that was on sale

Other recipes I made and liked:

  • OH. The week before last I randomly decided to make cinnamon rolls and it was a great decision.
  • In another spontaneous moment I took bits and pieces from this Keto Coconut Macaroon recipe from a friend and this one just to use up an embarrassingly old bag of shredded coconut. I persuaded my 11 year old to finish them off by dipping the macaroons in melted chocolate.

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