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Last Week’s Dinners

This is a short entry! I recall we had at least two takeout nights: Domino’s Pizza and a mediocre Mediterranean meal. I only remember three of our dinners cooked at home and don’t know what the heck we had for the remaining two days. Let’s just say it was probably a packet of Mi Goreng noodles and something from the freezer into the air fryer… Here are the recipes I used for those three dinners:

  • Garlic Butter Salmon in Foil (thanks to Damn Delicious) – sometimes it’s challenging to come up with a dinner idea that’s both enjoyable for us parents and the kid. I always think that this recipe might be a Miss more than a Hit with the youngin’ but when I suggested it on the way to the store, he said “I actually really like that when we first had it.” Well then, add this to the list of Greatest Hits.
  • Pressure Cooker Japanese Curry (thanks to Just One Cookbook) – I made it with stewed beef portions and beef stock along with S&B Golden Curry blocks, the Mild spice. I learned of Japanese Curry on Midnight Diner a couple years ago and have wanted to try it since. I was fortunate to find the curry blocks sold at my local grocery store and was so glad that I picked it up. I’ll make sure to stock up on more when I go on my next trip to the Asian Grocery.
  • Korean Bulgogi in a bowl (yes, Damn Delicious again) – so I do a version of beef bulgogi served up over rice. To make it a very, very quick weeknight meal I use shaved beef that you can find packaged in the meat department. The shaved beef allows me to cut my marinade time down to 15 minutes, or if I’m really impatient I’ll toss in the marinade right after the beef is browned in the pan.

Let me know if you ever make and like any of the recipes I link to!

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