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Just Lately.

I like to do an occasional brain dump where I spill everything that I’ve been up to, thinking, feeling, and consuming. These days I only have two friends who I talk to about random things, but not talking to them everyday still leaves a lot of thoughts running around in my head. So, this is what happens if you let me talk and talk and talk! Roll that beautiful bean footage…

What I’ve been up to…
+ Mostly hanging out with my cool dog and family. And going to work.
+ Going to choir rehearsals masked and as safely as we can.
+ Still loving grocery pickups.
+ I’m reading book #2 out of my “24 books” goal for this year!
+ I’m taking classes (okay, just the one) again after a two year break. I might end up being one of those lifelong students.
+ Watching a lot of Netflix and Youtube vloggers. I decided I like to binge watch tv shows because I remember what happened in the previous episode. I forget a lot when a week passes in between episodes! And since I watch shows from many other countries and in different languages, there literally is no way I would run out of things to watch.
+ Still caring for my many plant babies. My first winter with them has been rough but we’re getting through it and I’m thankful to have the internet as a resource when I need help.
+ Lately I’ve been taking the jacket off the hardcover book I’m currently reading. It’s one of those little things that brings me joy. I don’t think I’ve ever looked at a book without it’s dust jacket until last year and it feels nice to run my hand across the hard cover. Then when I’m done with the book I put the jacket back on when I place it on the shelf; because I don’t want my book to get cold.

+ It’s Black History Month. I’d like to try to learn more Black history, because it’s obviously part of American history and there will always be something I haven’t learned yet. I have a paperback copy of Stamped I could settle into, and there’s so much about Ida B. Wells I’d like to know about. I will most definitely be on a Google spree with the latter.
+ I just placed my Girl Scouts cookie order with my niece. I wanted to try the new Adventurefuls but since it’s on hold I might try to imagine what they’d taste like and make a homemade version. Then when they finally come out we’ll see how wildly off my guess was.

Okay! It’s honestly my only goal for the Winter months and I’m glad to be doing just okay. I will forever fight to achieve a bear hibernation lifestyle for at least 3 months of the year but life’s responsibilities won’t let me. It might be a good thing, since I have bills to pay. I’m taking all the time I need to care for myself and giving myself and my loved ones grace. Taking the time to enjoy hobbies in between housework and homework is also great. I’m really good at filling my free time with hobbies, haha.

+ I just made the Green Goddess Salad by Melissa through rising popularity on TikTok. It’s like a Gen-Z version of coleslaw but I like to scoop it with tortilla chips like a salsa. The dressing is incredibly versatile; you could probably use it on a finished steak or as a chicken marinade.
+ As someone who watched every episode of Sex & the City many times over, owns a coffee table book about the wardrobe, begrudgingly got through the two movies, and was willing to close that chapter of fandom, I still haven’t seen a single episode of the revival. I think I find more entertainment in reading people’s take on how weird and problematic it is. The latest one I’ve read- And Just Like That… We Have a Miranda Hobbes Problem
+ Found more things to sit on the internet to read- Study Hall, mentioned in an email from Today in Tabs.

What else…
+ I keep pressing FOLLOW on many plant people on Instagram. I think I have 200 followers but I follow 2,000 people because I just like everybody, apparently!
+ I particularly enjoy the Instagram stories of Jojotastic. I’ve been reading her DIY-home renovation blog for years. I’m very intrigued by her Ice Dye method.
+ This same day peasant bread recipe sounds similar to the boule-style dutch oven bread that I like to make. It’s a relief to know you can still have a loaf for dinnertime without having started yesterday. To be honest, when I saw that loaf pan I immediately thought of banana bread and now I want some.
+ I’m a new fan of the Korean alcoholic beverage Soju. After watching so many Korean shows, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see those green bottles show up in some of my local package stores. It used to be a triumph to find Japanese Sake or Plum Wine, and now I get excited to unexpectedly see as much as 8 flavors of Soju on a shelf. I don’t drink them like a Korean office worker out for a team dinner, but they’re tasty to sip on for an evening at home.
+ I love this wall caddy tutorial.

I should take a shower and do some studying. The other day I may have gotten away with a spritz of homemade linen spray as body fragrance before going out in public. I did brush my teeth. Like I said, I’m just trying to get through Winter okay. Thank you for letting me brain vomit all over your screen. I hope you stay safe and be well. Talk to you soon.

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