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Are We Seriously in May?

Hi, friends! First of all, I’m sorry I’m not great at updating this space.

I know I don’t owe you an explanation, but I still want to give you a quick rundown of what the whirlwind of life had me tangled in since the last time I wrote to you.

  • I took a Spring semester class at the community college. It was Principles of Management. Initially I was afraid I would feel like a fish out of water taking a class on managing people as I’m a person who touts being an excellent team player, it wasn’t as harrowing as I thought it would be. I’m considering taking a couple summer courses.
  • Did I ever mention my kid picked up the cello? We got him into lessons and we love how supportive his teacher is. He has a solo in an upcoming school band concert as well as a recital to prepare for. I am so excited for him, he really likes the cello.
  • The Chorus of Westerly recently performed our first indoor concert after 2+ years into the pandemic. (I’m still begrudgingly calling it a pandemic as long as we have variants) We originally started practicing Brahms’ Requiem in early 2020 for a Spring concert but had to pivot for virtual rehearsals, then braved an outdoor Summer Pops concert in 2021, and finally took the leap to perform the Requiem a few weeks ago. It was a relief, it was an amazing experience as always, and I’m so glad to have a community in the choir I sing in.
  • In January I collected 12 books that I wanted to read as part of my 2022 goal of reading 24 books. I’d gotten some confidence in myself after reaching my 12 book-goal last year. I didn’t finish a single book up until last week! If you want to give me unofficial credit, I did read the majority of a textbook when I was in that Management class.

Now that we’re pretty much up to speed, here are a few things I wanted to mention:

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! If you could consider supporting an AAPI-owned business or charitable organization that would be wonderful. Or hey, if you just realized you don’t have any asian friends, maybe you could go make friends with an asian person.

On the topic of supporting people, I finally put together a link list of friends of mine who make and do creative and neat stuff. Please go check them out. If you could use their service or products, please consider purchasing! In case you’d like to save or bookmark this page, you can also find the link on my Instagram.

There’s a new fast-casual restaurant called Saladworks that opened in my area. I don’t usually make a beeline to a place like this, because part of me tells myself you can make your own salad at home. But another part of me says sometimes food tastes better when someone else makes it. On one of my previous trips to Manhattan I got a huge Cobb salad from Chopt and honestly if I ever get the option of having a Cobb salad anywhere, I get it. So I’m a little curious to try a Cobb salad from there. I’ll let you know when that happens!

At work (I work in a donut shop) my boss, the owner, is in the process of perfecting recipes for new baked goods she’ll sell in a new store she’s opening sometime soon. The testing process sometimes happens while I’m working and I get the benefit of taste testing everything that comes out of the oven. Even the failed batches taste good to me, so I’m always the one to take the extras home!

I’m looking forward to more warmer days. I’m excited to bring my houseplants out to the sunroom and start on a vegetable garden. Right now we’re in a weird Spring season where it’s warm one day and downright nasty windy another day. One of my friend’s had a tree split in half in his yard from the wind! It’s crazy. Please check on your friends in New England.

I think that’s it for now.

What about you? Are you okay? Hang in there. Take a rest. Do something that brings you joy. Give love and receive love when you can. I’m rooting for you!

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