Hi, my name is Erma!

Love Grows Here is my latest iteration of a blog. I’ve been blogging since 1999, or thereabouts.

Love Grows Here is an ongoing love letter to a beautiful life I realized I live everyday. That life includes all the messy parts because there’s some, I’m not going to lie.

I want to tell you about many things!
– about my love for my family
– about my love for music
– about my love for my plants
– about my love for the places where I put down roots
– about the people who’ve made my life much more valuable

And also this blog is really what happens when you let me talk and talk and talk.

Welcome, friends. Stay as long as you’d like. If you read anything you like, let me know! If you’re bored as hell, you can click the close button and pretend this never happened.

I want you to be healthy and happy. I’m here for you.