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A Mid-week Check In

Hi, friends! How are you? I know, my last post was in May and we’re now nearing the end of June. I thought time goes by slowly in my world but judging by how often I chat with you here, it seems like my life is busy. I don’t want to say that because it’s not a busy because-i’m-a-very-important-person busy, it’s a busy because I have a good amount of daily activities i’m thankful to have to ensure the happiness and well-being of myself and my loved ones.

There have been a bunch of things swirling around in my head lately that I haven’t told anyone. No alarming reason why, just ideas and such that occasionally pop up during my daily activities.

  • I’ve been craving brownies lately. While we’re out of Kind bars until my next grocery trip and I have a lot of extra oat flour, I’ve been eyeing this recipe from The Big Man’s World which uses oat flour and he says you can also eat it for breakfast and I’m over here saying, “Oh reallyyyyyyyyy. I’m in.”
  • Speaking of Kind bars, recently I bought some for myself because I like them (but am not always sure most granola bars/breakfast bars are ever considered healthy. Some of them have as much sugar as your favorite candy bar and if that’s so, just eat the candy bar and enjoy your life.) but didn’t expect my family members to also like them. They like them so much that I’m now buying whole boxes of them! I also fell in love with Kind’s story and the ad I didn’t click “Skip” on Youtube that made me cry pretty much solidified my support for the company.
  • I’ve reached an age where a lot of things are too sweet for me. I also like eating vegetables with my eggs for breakfast. I guess you can tell i’m getting old. On the other hand, I’m obsessed with stickers like a little kid. I love that people cover their water bottles with them. I like putting stickers on my laptop. But i’m weirdly not a bumper sticker person.
  • I’m thinking ahead to when we usually host at least one summer gathering at our house. Adam will make something in the smoker and I’ll make the side dishes. I always make deviled eggs (i love deviled eggs so much) but am always on the lookout for other easy to make/assemble dishes. These antipasto skewers from Ahead of Thyme look great.
  • Even though Fiona Apple (my favorite singer!) isn’t always releasing and album or going on tour or something that’s newsworthy, I always seem to find someone writing about her. All the interviews with her are not your run of the mill sit down and I like that. This one is about someone approaching a past relationship in relation to how hearing the song “Hot Knife” shaped his perspective on that relationship – Fiona Apple Changes My Mind.
  • If you’re from Rhode Island and are familiar with the Buns and Bites Instagram, they also have a really nice website. Let me nerd out for a sec- It’s so great to see a well made and designed database with all the good food and drink establishments in the state. Yeah, Yelp and Google Maps have been doing it for years but the Buns and Bites website keeps up to date and I like not having to filter through all the locations that are labeled “Permanently Closed.”
  • I love having hobbies. I’m especially into crafts. I’ve tried my hand at Latch Hook, crocheting, knitting, collages, macrame, sewing, candle making… I’m pretty sure I’ve dabbled in almost every section of the craft store; I’m surprised the employees don’t yet know me by name. I’m so good at being alone. If i’m not watching Youtube I’m either reading or doing one of my crafts.
  • Speaking of reading, the digital Kindle version of Crazy Rich Asians at the library is finally available! It’s been waitlisted ever since the movie came out. I almost read the other books out of order first until I could get my hands on this one. IT’S MY TURN. Also, I already finished the second season of Bling Empire on Netflix. If you know me, you know.
  • May and June have been full of concerts and recitals for Aiden and I. Brahms Requiem was amazing and Summer Pops in Westerly was so fun for the second time this season. Aiden is also on his way to being the greatest cellist I’ve ever known. His first ever performance was a solo piece of an arrangement of the Bach Prelude No. 1 from the Suites. Only an insane young cello player does that. One day he’ll move from singing on the Chorus of Westerly risers down to the orchestra pit and it’ll be glorious. Adam is also gearing up for some shows with his band so I’m really excited. Everyone in our house is good at music and I love it. What a time to be alive.

Let me stop gushing about my family for now.

Friends, I hope all is well with you. If there’s anything I can do to help you out please let me know. As always, send food and drink recommendations my way!! I’ll talk to you soon!

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